The first meet up of the R3iLab* was held on the 17th April 2018 at the Palais de Tokyo. This lively and artistic avant-garde place mirrors the thoughts and discoveries of this colourful conference. Precisely this theme of colour was honoured by a number of professional speakers including Alexandre Leu, who came to express his passion for dyeing process and for printing, and to share his continuous research into inventive and innovative new processes.

A MEETING of complementary KNOW-HOWS and talents looking towards the future.

Alongside Alexandre Leu, representing Atelier Dynale, the dyes biomanufacturers PILI, as well as the young designer Caroline Courtois also expressed themselves. This was an occasion to once again celebrate the creative energies of the world of fashion and of artistic craftsmanship. It is through this multi-field dynamism and this complementarity between protagonists that the future success of our trades depends. An ambitious overture to the future perfectly symbolised by the range of the professionals who came to this fascinating conference.

* The R3iLab is a network of business leaders in textiles, fashion and creative industries
whose objective is to promote innovation, particularly non-material innovation, in the industry. This movement, led by industrialists for industrialists, puts in place, hosts and organises actions and projects aimed at supporting innovation at the heart of businesses.