The essence of our profession as ennoblisseur is defined by the vastness of the field of exploration it offers to the imagination. As creators of trends and matters for Haute Couture, our artistic and technical approach must be rigorous, original and innovative : the impossible becomes the possible, sensory emotions become tactile objects, an idea opens the door onto a whole new universe…Here, exception is the rule.

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In addition to the perfection inherent to all trades connected to Haute Couture, this approach requires sensitivity and privileged artistic affinities with the clients. Originally from diverse and complementary creative worlds, the personalities and talents of their multi-disciplinary team combine and mix – their ideas coming together in a prolific creative laboratory. Along with the permanent research of matters and innovative processes, with our skills and imagination, we translate the aspirations of the Couturiers : a dress the colour of Time, forests of moss, armoured lace of white gold, watermarks of gold and silver, dustings of light, inspired textures… Out of this delicate and innovative alchemy, talented hybrid creations, ephemeral and timeless works of artistic expression emerge to flourish on the catwalks.

The history and the philosophy of Atelier Dynale are woven, over time, with encounters, traditions and shared passions.

A History of Family

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For more than 25 years, this shared knowledge has been enriched by a large pallet of know-how, material effects and innovation, defining Atelier Dynale as one of today’s most inventive material and ‘ennoblissement’ research laboratories.

Passion for Haute Couture and colour is written into the DNA of Atelier Dynale. Our atelier’s identity was built on the demands placed by the patronage of Madame Ida and Germaine and on the mastery of colour by Evelyne, to which Alexandre and Céline added their taste for exploration and their passion of materials.

Today, the fourth generation of this Haute Couture family joins an adventure born over a century ago.


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Our trade is woven with encounters: when hands meet material, colours with tools, ideas with know-how. It is also through the meeting of processes and innovative techniques that we create new materials. It is often through wonderful encounters that our projects develop, such as those essential ones with the houses of Haute Couture, for which we work to give substance to their imagination. Finally, our team was formed through meetings and encounters and, within the atelier, everything is conceived and made by many hands and people. This tapestry of talents, of differing paths and eclectic personalities, is linked together by a common passion for creation and ‘métiers d’art’. This diversity enriches our exchanges, multiplies our sources of inspiration and feeds our curiosity. For more than 25 years, it has been the union of all these encounters which has daily inspired us to develop the materials that will make creations of tomorrow.



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Alexandre Leu and Céline Sorigué take over the management of Atelier Dynale: they enrich and diversify the techniques and know-how by developing a laboratory of textile research and of ‘ennoblissement’.

In 1993, the first collaboration with Gianfranco Ferré for the 1993 Dior Spring-Summer collection: the start of the adventure into Haute Couture.

Our passion for metamorphosis was born naturally out of our passion for fashion, colours and textiles. By multiplying the experiences, inventing new skills or in finding new uses for tools, we reinvent materials by building them another reality so as to enrich them with meaning and reveal a new story…


“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!”

– Audrey Hepburn


From the birth of this concept to its completion, our methods of creation are many: processes and recipes are tailor-made according to the desired outcome. Imagined around the theme of a collection, a texture, an image, a word or simply a shared feeling, each project broadens our field of possibilities.

A number of the iconic projects which have embellished these 25 years of shared passion with the Haute Couture.