The 4th December in New York, Chanel announced their decision to stop using exotic skins – crocodile, lizard, snake and stingray – in their collections. According to the words of Bruno Pavlovsky, the brand’s president of fashion, Chanel wishes henceforth “(…) to favour creation, expertise, finishing touches, to obtain exceptional objects from noble materials (…)”, Chanel will therefore “do without these materials whilst inventing a new generation of top luxury products”. In the context of this ethical and artistic approach, a first in the world of luxury products, we worked together to reinvent the refined charm of crocodile leather.


For their first show following this historic announcement, Chanel asked Atelier Dynale to reinterpret the singular aspect of the leather of the “King of the Nile”. After a lot of research work, we imagined new techniques and associations between various noble materials in order to obtain a result that, while respecting all the aesthetic particularities of crocodile leather, enhancing it with a precious rendering inspired by the finest jewellery.
Amongst our creations, Chanel has chosen this work on leather enhanced with glittery lacquer to dress their ruffed plastrons, cuffs and boots for this pharaonic show. It was indeed in the context of the temple of Isis of Dendour, kept at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that this year’s ‘Défilé
Métiers d’Art’ by Chanel took place, a collection inspired by the magnificence of ancient Egypt in a glamorous vision with Hollywood accents.
The team from Atelier Dynale is proud of having participated in this tribute to a myriad of art crafts supported by the Haute Couture and who contribute to its influence and its reputation for excellence.